Being Decisive
My daughter turns 25 years old tomorrow. A quarter of a century. That seems completely and utterly unfathomable to me. Heck, when she was born, Barb and I weren’t even that old!

I remember this day 25 years ago like it was yesterday. Mindy decided to come a couple weeks early and we had to rush to the hospital early on the 28th. Then (as many a baby does) she changed her mind. The 28th (which we assumed was going to be her birthday that morning) soon drifted into the next day. This was okay because we hadn’t thought of a name for a girl yet! We had the boy’s name from the beginning, but had not come to an agreement on a girl. We didn’t know in advance, so we were hanging on a 50-50 proposition. One hour before she arrived on the scene, we ended up making a decision, just in case it was a girl. As it turns out we chose Melinda (Mindy) and we were glad we could call her by her name right away!

Sometimes you just have to make a decision. The opportunity is either thrust at you (we thought we had more time) or you enter a place where harm to yourself or others is at stake (the federal government shutdown). You can’t delay action and decisions because you’re scared to make the wrong one. The majority of our decisions are not life and death, and if we make the wrong one, it can be fixed. More often than not, waiting makes it worse and causes more damage than if you made the wrong choice!

Waiting around is dysfunctional. Be bold. Be decisive. Take into account the information you have in front of you and make a decision. Then commit to it and move forward. You just might have a girl!

(Happy 25th Birthday to my favorite oldest daughter!)

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This week’s quote –
“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.”
— C.S. Lewis


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