This week’s focus point…

at Fenway Park with my girls and glasses

A Good Run.   

I left my sunglasses in Boston.

I’m really bummed about it. Not because I am so materialistic that I mourn a pair of sunglasses. These were really nice Oakley glasses given to me as a Christmas present by my daughter, Kelli last year. She had worked at a high end sunglasses store and was proud to have bought them for me. I normally purchased cheaper pairs because I tend to lose or break them. She wanted to move me up the scale…

When I called the girls to see if by any chance they had packed them on our trip, I realized that they were gone. I apologized to Kelli because she had spent so much money (for her) on them. Her response was classic. She said, “That’s okay. It was a good run.” A good run! It wasn’t even 9 months! But in her perspective, I got great pleasure from, and deeply valued the glasses. Mostly, because they were from her.

It was a good run. Be happy. How often do bad things happen to us and we allow them to linger? How much better would our attitude and lives be if when faced with disappointment, we simply say, “Well, it was a good run,” and move on? Regret and disappointment can mask talent and waste time. If allowed to go unfettered, then we ban get into ruts that last too long and deprive us of opportunity. The next time you find that you have to overcome some calamity, take a cue from Kelli and simply say…

“Well, it was a good run,” and get on with your life.

This week’s quote – “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

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