The Experience Weedin Project kicks off on Friday with a one-hour webinar on how to gain new clients and revenue from public speaking. Here is the what you have to look forward to…Bogota 1

January 18thPublic Speaking to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Income


Speaking directly to buyers is the single most effective way to generate new business outside of strong referrals. Think of how dramatic that growth could be if you maximize your talents and speak with tremendous skill! This session will dissect how to be a dynamic speaker; how to properly use slides and other visuals; how to use personal stories and humor effectively; how to get paid to speak; and how to generate business from your audience.

In the agenda:

  • Why speaking should be an integral part of your marketing for any consultant, executive coach, or entrepreneur
  • How to effectively write and practice a speech to inspire an audience
  • Slide Rules: How to turn dull into dynamic with slides
  • Best Practices
  • How to market to gain opportunities
  • Getting paid to speak

If you do any speaking for business – including not for profit executives – you should be on this webinar. This program alone will return your investment on the series. Don’t delay, register TODAY.


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