I took Captain Jack and Bella out for our midday walk and when I returned I saw that I had received a call from my business bank. It’s unusual to get a call from your bank that you think has good news. I had visions of identity theft dancing in my head (that’s the risk manager in me, I guess).

When I listened to the message, I was bowled over. The lady on the other end identified herself and the bank and then proceeded to wish me and my family a happy holiday season. I replayed it just to make sure I heard it correctly. I did. A very pleasant holiday wish expressed by voice as opposed to email. That’s uncommon client relationship building. I would say that moves to a “distinct” level of client care.

What are you doing to show your clients you care this holiday season? Even more importantly, what are you doing when it’s not even expected during the year? Little things like what my bank did go a long way to evoking evangelist clients. We can all use that!

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