Monday is Memorial Day. It is just a little more meaningful for me this year as my father passed away ad was a 30-year veteran of the United States Navy. Memorial Day is an important holiday for us to honor our heroes. It’s also a terrific day to enjoy family, friends, and food.

However, it does mark a very dangerous time.

The 100 days in between Memorial Day and Labor Day in September are the most deadly for drivers on our roads. These 100 days see the most accidents and resulting injuries and death. There are many good reasons why…

  • Increased drinking and driving
  • More traveling for vacations
  • Distractions of good weather
  • More young drivers on the road with school out of session
  • Increased road rage issues

The bottom line is this – whether you’re a business owner or parent, understand that your sense of defensive driving must be on high alert for the next 100 days. Be careful, be attentive, and by all means be smart!

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