Have you ever had a crown put on your teeth? If you have, you know the discomfort I just went through over the past two weeks. First, the preliminary visit is worse than putting the actual crown on. It’s an hour and a half of misery…from the Novocain shots, the drilling and sawing, and the worst part of all, the plaster mold. Reminds me of that pink Paper Mache stuff we used in grade school for art projects.

In fact, the assistant tightened my upper mold too tight and couldn’t get it off. I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode as she pulled, tugged, and wiggled with all her might while pulling me literally out of my chair. It’s one of those events that you always say that you will look back and laugh about later…still not laughing! The actual “crowning” part wasn’t bad at all and only took about 20 minutes. Seemed like a lot of preparation for just a short fix.

This process reminds me of preparing a speaking presentation. Whether it’s for a Toastmasters speech, a big-money sales call, or addressing your local City Hall, the hardest and most difficult part of the process is your preparation. It seems like a lot of work for just a short end result. Just like a new crown in your mouth, the more diligent your prep work, the better “fit” you will have.

Too bad I wasn’t thinking about that when that plaster mold was stuck in my mouth!


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