We all lack confidence at times. Even the most self-assured people I know have confessed that there are moments in time when doubt about skills, ability, and worth creep in. In those moments, the most successful in business and life kick into a different habit. They turn to their default that is an unabashed confidence in themselves. 
There are many CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs whom I’ve coached and mentored over the years who have struggled with lack of confidence. This isn’t uncommon; in fact there’s a phrase for it called the imposter syndrome. It’s a psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” Even people at the highest levels of power, prestige and celebrity will fall into this. For the business leader, the consequences are potentially disastrous for business and self. 
Confidence isn’t a trait that can simply be added to one’s repertoire. For many people, that lack of confidence may have long and deep roots dating back into childhood experiences and negative forces. 
Like any skill to enhance and develop, there is a daily discipline that builds muscle memory. Whether one is improving fitness or learning a new language, daily discipline turns into a habit. 
So unlike getting into the gym or practicing vocabulary from a course, increasing confidence requires help. 
Everyone needs a coach or mentor to guide them. In fact, I believe the most confident people I know all consistently have a coach or mentor available on either an ongoing or “maintenance” basin. Very much like a fitness trainer or language coach accelerates results, a coach will be that consistent reminder that helps instill a discipline and habit of confidence growth. 
If one doesn’t become vulnerable enough to admit that their confidence is in need of boosting – even just once in awhile, then they become vulnerable to never reaching their true potential in business or life. But if they commit to building and strengthening that confidence “muscle,” then no calamity is too great to overcome, and the gate to being truly unleashed swings wide open. 
Have you made confidence a habit rather than a trait? 
Be unleashed and be well.
Quote of the Day:
“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate will eventually destroy the hater.”
~ George Washington Carver (19th-20th Century American scientist)
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