Our family just got a little bigger – by one.  The Weedins have a new dog and we named him Captain Jack.

Captain Jack is a one year old Jack Russell terrier we found at the Humane Society.  He has been in our home now since yesterday and has added a youthful “touch” to our activity level.

He has enjoyed bouncing around and checking out his new surroundings – all the sights, smells, and sounds of a new home.  He has also enjoyed playing with our “old” dog Charlie.  Charlie is more of a senior citizen at age 12 and had pretty much taken to lounging around the house since Blondie passed on last November.  Amazing what a fresh perspective does. 

Although Charlie might not readily admit it, Captain Jack has put an extra bounce in his step.  He seems to enjoy moving around much more and “palling around” with his new younger friend.  He hasn’t cared too much for being wakened from a peaceful nap, but all-in-all he has been more perky.

What could a new idea, story, or perspective do for your next speech?  If you’re like me, you end up re-tooling a lot of stories into a variety of speeches until they become somewhat commonplace.  Nothing wrong with re-tooling, BUT when you add a fresh perspective – like Captain Jack did for Charlie – you may find that your speech (and your attitude) is more perky.

What would a new perspective do for your career?  Change can sometimes be difficult and painful, yet in most cases it turns out to be just what the doctor ordered for a sagging business.   Trying a new marketing campaign, experimenting with the internet (You Tube, blogging, podcasting) may add a fresh perspective to your business.  You may find that your business (and your attitude) is more perky.

I learn many lessons from my dogs and here’s a new one.  Change can bring a new and exciting perspective, attitude, and freshness to your speaking and/or business career.  It may also help your perosnal life.  Be open to the change and find ways to constantly keep yourself and your career fresh…and perky!


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