I had the opportunity to hear Lance Miller, the 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, present in Spokane over the weekend. We were both featured keynoters at the District 9 Toastmasters Conference. Lance told a story about how when Hernando Cortez landed in the new world, he burned the boats so there would be no temptation to heading back to Spain. The commitment to make it in this new world was made when the route to the old world was permanently taken away.

Do you make those same strong commitments to your career? To your personal decisions? When you “burn the boats” and sincerely know that there is no turning back, the passion to succeed is great.

If you strongly believe in your decision, are committed to making something in your life work, take the next step like Cortez did. Burn the boats and commit to the fact that there is no turning back. Its full steam ahead in your “new world.”

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