If you have a car like mine, you have both a backup camera and blind spot detectors. 

Yesterday, as I was about to back out of my parking space at the grocery store, my blind spot indicator went off telling me that something was creeping into a danger spot. As I looked in the camera, sure enough there was a person walking towards the store.

While it’s most likely that I would have noticed myself without those car features (after all, I’ve been driving pretty well for 40 years), the “advisory” features kept me from starting to backup and coming to a quick halt.

In reality, these features have and will save accidents for many good drivers. I’m glad we have them.

In your business, you also have blind spots. We all do. What advisory do you have in place to help you from backing into something bad?

There are many answers. They come from both internal and external sources. I’m talking about people in your organization tasked with helping you with decisions; experts outside of your company to help you avoid breathing your own exhaust; and processes and procedures designed and implemented to help you drive down the road of prosperity and profitability.

The best CEOs and business leaders have installed their own blind spot detectors to reduce the likelihood of accidents and bad decisions. Are yours activated?

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