I spent Wednesday through Friday last week in Las Vegas attending the Alan Weiss Mentor Summit.  It was the perfect blend of inspiration, education, and fun.

While there, I had the opportunity to watch the Blue Man Group in action Friday night.  If you’ve never heard of them, the Blue Man Group is an incredible entertainment threesome where not one word is spoken.  They have the ability to entertain, dazzle, and excite with theatrics, humor, and skills.

Made me wonder, if the Blue Man Group can pack the house in Vegas twice a night without uttering a word, what can that teach us as business presenters?  Sometimes less is more.  We often get into sales pitches, methodology jargon, and ad nauseum pontification about ourselves or our services that we forget that brevity is a key to persuasion.  If you bore or confuse your audience, you will never have a chance.

Take a cue from the Blue Man Group.  You may have to say a few more words than they do, but if you learn to be more succinct and powerful in your language, you may steal your own show.


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