I had the privilege of speaking to a great group at the January meeting of the Gig Harbor (WA) Chamber of Commerce. My topic was on my 7 Strategies to Crush 2014.  We had a lively group of about 80 business professionals. Three key points were…

1. Invest in yourself. You invest your hard earned money into your savings, how about allocating 5-10% on your professional development and growth? Rock stars in all industries do just that!

2. Stop counter-factual thinking. In other words, stop saying, “What if.” If too much of your time and effort is wasted on that, you won’t move forward.

3. Learn something new. Make it fun. Cooking, golf, scaling mountains – it doesn’t matter. Stretch yourself.

If you’d like to learn the rest, simply purchase my new book, Unleashed! and I will send you my list as a gift. The book was a huge hit with the attendees…you will love it, too!

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