A few weeks ago, Rory McIlroy was victorious for his 20th career PGA win.

Golfers aren’t surprised, as he is considered one of the Top 10 players in the world, arguably even Top 5. McIlroy has won four major championships within those 20 wins, which makes him one of the great golfers of all time. He hasn’t won as much over the last couple of years, which is surprising based on his immense skill.

Rory admitted after the win that for the past several years, he was trying to “be someone else.” As many golfers (especially amateurs) are want to do, they tinker and over think in an effort to emulate someone else. Rory is human and acknowledged that he did the same. Ironic that many of us can be caught trying to be him!

McIlroy said that he finally realized that being Rory McIlroy was “good enough.” Instead of trying to be someone he wasn’t, he committed to being his best self.

This doesn’t occur just in golf.

In a recent podcast, my guest Andrea Heuston talked about how we are all susceptible to “imposter syndrome.” We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’ve accomplished and experienced. In golfing terms, we don’t “trust our swing” and can easily try to be someone else.

I’ve been guilty of that. In my career as a consultant, I’ve at times tried too hard to mirror mentors and coaches. Instead of following their examples, I tried to be them. It doesn’t work. Being Dan Weedin is good enough.

What about you?

Have you caught yourself trying too hard to be more like someone else, to the point that you lost your own identity? Do you give yourself credit for your accomplishments and experiences? Do you trust your swing always?

In order to unleash your maximum potential you must be all in on yourself. If you’re going to bet your career and life on someone, shouldn’t it be you?

The next time you start doubting your own abilities or find yourself changing your “swing” to try to look more like someone else you admire, look in the mirror and simply remind yourself that you and your “game” are more than “good enough.”

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Quote of the Week:

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

~ Elon Musk

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