It’s Apple Cup time again, this time for the 100th time. I’m heading to the big game tomorrow to root on my Dawgs with my daughter Kelli. Both teams have struggled this year, but there’s no doubt everyone will be up for this one. The pride of our state and schools are on the line.

Rivalry games like this create a great bond, not only for the fans on the same side of the ball, but with everyone. As long as respect is a factor, which it should always be, good natured ribbing and fun is always a great part of the game. I have many friends that are Cougs (really), and we always have a great time getting on each other. I have even had an annual running bet for a beer during next golf season with good friend who matriculated at WSU. Fortunately for me, I’ve been on the winning side most of the last few years. I just hope he doesn’t want to do the same thing with hoops!

Here’s hoping for a great game and of course another Dawg victory. Go Dawgs!