This was from Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, my upcoming column in the Kitsap Business Journal is precisely on this subject. I had not talked to Alan about it, but I knew we were on the same page. I have no issue with who you want to vote for or what your political opinion is. State your support; show encouragement; and bring up points to support your cause. Heck, feel free to debate. But, for goodness sakes, stop the incessant mud slinging, labeling, and name calling. You never know what person that is important to you that you offend with your language, not your political point of view.

Alan’s post today…

This week’s focus point: Whatever your politics, people who resort to demonizing the opposition and launching ad hominem attacks simply have no new ideas themselves. We find this in business all the time in those who resist and attack any change initiative, as if they are the organization’s immune system. There are “professional disagreers” on the social media platforms who really need to get a life and stop finding fault with others’ ideas without having any of their own. If you don’t think someone is right, illustrate a better way. Light a candle, don’t curse the darkness.

Monday Morning Perspective: Two old men. Enemies who spoke different languages and couldn’t even agree on a way to prevent the world from blowing up. Yet there they were, embracing like brothers on world television at the simple act of a man jumping over a bar. — Roone Arledge of ABC on the most important thing he ever broadcast: Kruschev and Averil Harriman celebrating Valery Brumel’s record high jump in 1963.


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