Dan cookingCheeseburgers get a bum rap in my estimation. The are easily viewed as being common, ordinary, or one shade. I can still hear the late John Belushi screaming out “Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger…Pepsi no Coke,” on the famous Saturday Night Live skit of the 1970s. I would argue that there are more shades of cheeseburgers than meet the eye. If you venture outside of a fast food joint, you may just be surprised.

Cheeseburgers can be unique based on the cheese. The 99 cent option at the drive-thru window may be offering some faux cheese, yet I’ve dined at many a restaurant where the cheese is cool, be it Blue, Muenster, Cheddar, Swiss, or Pepper Jack.

The buns always are important (Just as in the movie I am parodying, I’m sure). Instead of some flimsy white bread that probably came out of a plastic wrapper, consider your delight in a Kaiser, Sourdough, Multi-Grain, or even gluten-free!

Heck, I even add some bourbon and honey to my cheeseburgers to pump up the taste.

Hungry yet?

Here’s the deal. Cheeseburgers can seem ordinary and uninspiring to people unless they are dressed up a little bit. So can you and your business. If you don’t dress up your value to others (be it for individuals or companies) then you’ll be as unappealing as that fast-food cheeseburger for 99 cents.

Here’s how you add some uniqueness to you…

Become an object of interest by being well-read and well-versed in the issues surrounding business. Improve your vocabulary and delivery of your message to incite emotion, rather than logic. Develop singular and exclusive intellectual property that jumps out at people like a bacon cheeseburger on the grill. Get away from your computer and interact with people. You will learn how to best help them and that will make you valuable.

Final thought – not only does straying from looking and tasting like an ordinary cheeseburger work for your success, it also helps you recruit and hire interesting and talented people. That’s similar to adding a little bourbon and honey to your cheeseburger mix…it keeps everyone coming back for more. Why don’t you try adding a few shades to your business and your burgers? The results may just be stimulating!

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