I go for my annual eye check-up from my optometrist every January. For the past many years, there has basically been no change.

That’s about to change.

I am fortunate that I’ve made it to my mid-50s before there has been a significant shift in my eyesight. However, it dawns on me that it hasn’t been sudden; more like subtle.

While there definitely have been subtle changes over the years, they didn’t lead to a new prescription. I am certain that changes suddenly in January. It’s all good…I just want to stop asking Barb to read labels for me and maybe I have a future fashion statement coming.

New Years Resolutions are expected to be sudden changes of things we want to improve upon. Whether it’s weight loss, improved health, reading more, managing time better, or taking up meditation, we always want the sudden impact. Like now.

It rarely works. 

Health clubs always give huge discounts for those annual payments in January because they know that most resolutions last about 10 days. And it’s not just a more active lifestyle that suffers. It’s usually all those other well-meaning commitments, too.

Real and meaningful change happens more subtly.

Just like the subtle change in my vision, whatever I want to do in 2022 to improve my business and life must also be consistent and measurable. I’ve got three areas of personal and professional growth in 2022. I’m setting metrics for success that don’t require the change be complete in 10 days. Rather, I’m setting myself up to deal with change and failure. And re-start. 

How’s your 20/22 vision?

As we come to the end of this calendar year, it’s a great time to set your priorities and commitments. But don’t stop there. You must also include three key areas to increase the likelihood of success – measurements, mitigation, and accountability.

Measurements answer the question, “How do I know I am better?” Mitigation deals with managing obstacles and failure. Accountability might be the most important. Without accountability to a human other than yourself and your loved ones, then success is highly unlikely. 

Do yourself a favor. Whatever it is you want to improve both personally and professionally, set up measurement, mitigation, and accountability. That way, the vision for yourself and your career will clearly be 20/22.

Here’s hoping you slide in ahead of the tag next year!

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Quote of the Week:

“Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher, and philosophy begins in wonder.”

~ Plato

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