I attended a 45-minute workshop a few days ago where one of the presenters used his 15 minutes to “dull” his audience with slides full of text, text, and more text. To make matters worse, it wasn’t even interesting text.

Two notes for you presenters…

1. If you only have 15 minutes, don’t use slides. Use stories to connect with your audience; engage them by making them ask questions and participate in the process; remember that facts tell, stories sell; Be Memorable and Repeatable. As Patricia Fripp says, “The only thing an audience will never forgive you for is being boring”.

2. If you must use slides in a presentation, remember that PowerPoint is most effective when using images. Scrap the text (or as much as you can) and use images to advance your message.

Your job as a presenter is to engage your audience and improve their condition. Using these two strategies will help you accomplish those goals.

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