Sport have classifications for players that have injuries. They can be listed from “out” to “doubtful” to “questionable” to play in an upcoming game. For those dealing with smaller, nagging injuries, they are listed as “day-to-day.” It is defined exactly as it sounds; their availability will depend on that next day.

In business – as in life – I believe we are all “day-today.”

While the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 seem to have reached epic heights in many of our lifetimes, the reality is that every day offers uncertainty. For as much planning, strategy, and calendar invites that are on the docket, upon rising each morning, we really have little idea of what the day holds for us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Ironically, many people think of the drudgery of days. When asking how things are faring for someone, they might hear responses like – “Same old, same old:” “Nothing new;” or “Another day, another dollar…”

While sometimes these responses might be meant colloquially, my feeling is it’s an aftereffect of a mindset that gets rooted in a daily grind. They get bored, disinterested, or even discouraged my what seems to be the banality of daily activities.

The consequences of this mindset are challenging;  being unprepared, apathetic, disinterested, and even despondent. All of these lead to lack of drive and profitability in business and less interesting and rewarding lives

Two things must happen to avoid getting stuck in this insidious routine:

First – Being day-to-day means the uncertainty can turn into an “injury;” accidents, mistakes, misunderstandings, and conflict. The best way to overcome that uncertainty is to be certain in your planning. That means being ready and prepared for anything that might happen. It requires an investment of time and resources to be confident in plans, actions, roles, responsibilities, and responses. By doing that, recovery is faster and more efficient and profitable.

Second – Being day-to-day means that uncertainty can offer opportunity. Not everyone is ready to seize opportunity when presented. That’s why we see so many people paralyzed by analysis, over-thinking, and fear of failure. Opportunities will present themselves to you daily – even today. Are you prepared to identify them as opportunity, or will you miss them because you are “head down” and grinding through your day? Are you confident in yourself and your company to risk failure and realize greater reward? Mindset, just like readiness, requires an initial investment of mental and emotional training and development. The most confident people I have ever met have exercises and strategy to daily develop that mindset and behavior.

We are all day-to-day. Boldly attacking each day with tenacity to deal with any small or major circumstance will allow you to make sure that the day will end the best way it could. Quantifiable success isn’t guaranteed each day; in fact, it’s unlikely. However, those that are ready and prepared strategically and mentally will sleep better that night ready to tackle the next “day-to-day.”

Quote of the Day:

You can disagree without being disagreeable.”

~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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