This is a Labor Day holiday like none other in my lifetime. You may be saying the same thing…

The concept of “labor” now becomes even more emphasized. We’ve gone from a culture and society (at least in North America and much of the first-world countries around the world), with low unemployment to a reality of uncertainty for all jobs and employment. All industries, all vocations, and all humans have been impacted in some way. “Labor” now not only signifies an occupation; it’s now a verb. What we have all done through these almost exactly past six months has been extreme “labor.”

So what next?

The focus now must turn to all of us – regardless of entrepreneur, employer, or employee – to a mind shift of accepting and rising to the challenge of uncertainty.

What’s that mean?

It means for all of us, we can’t simply accept that the next week, month, and year will improve from a vaccine and governmental position. While we all hope that it will, we must be prepared to stand up and fight for our careers and personal paths. That means more than ever, each of us needs to become more creative, more industrious, more innovative, and braver than ever before. And that takes strategy and mental toughness…

Strategy in terms of having a game plan. It means carving out time to create something new; to have a plan in place to not only survive, but to thrive in any condition.

Mental toughness means discipline and focus, and it requires courage. It’s easy to say one has mental toughness; it’s quite another thing to actually possess it.

We all need some barometer to gauge or mental toughness. For me, it’s not giving discouragement, doubt, and sheer exhaustion more than just a minuscule  amount of time in my brain. While it’s okay to feel these ways at times – and in fact it might be good to – the faster you recover and get right in your head, the more mentally tough you are.

This Labor Day, let’s still celebrate the ability to have and create work. Let’s take a day to get ourselves focused on the last four months of 2020. Let’s commit to becoming more strategic and more mentally tough.

And let’s go knock it out of the park these final 120 or so days, regardless of what obstacles we will face.

Quote of the Day:

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

~ Mark Twain

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