When Jo-Wilfried Tsonga upset Roger Federer at Wimbledon the other day, he snapped a streak. Federer, long the top men’s tennis player in the world, had a 178-0 record when winning the first two sets. Tsonga spotted the Swiss star the first two sets and then came storming back to capture the next three and win the match.

All good things come to an end.

You may have your own big streak…

  • Days without an employee injury
  • Days without any claims on your insurance
  • Days without any workplace violence
  • Days without any theft of property
  • Days without any data breach

Some of these days may even stretch into years. But, as with Federer’s streak, all things eventually can end. Federer doesn’t get the chance to compete further in this tournament. Your consequences could be more dire.

Don’t take success for granted. It’s what I call the success trap. You get trapped into thinking that everything is just swell. It may be for a while, but you must be prepared for a loss. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And, be ready to play again another day…

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