Last week, I spent a dynamic day with my mentor Alan Weiss and three of my colleagues from around North America in Miami. I’ve been working with Alan now 20140121-162057.jpggoing on six years and after every session I exclaim to my wife that, “this was the best one yet!”  And it was.

What came out of the day for me is a new and exciting opportunity for 12 people.

My new book, Unleashed! discusses many aspects of my 2014 mantra of running through the “open gate.” In fact, there is an image of Captain Jack scampering through an open gate on the cover. The concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to reasons like fear, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us.

I’m launching a new 9-month program on March 15 for people ready to be “unleashed.” Here is just a small portion of what Unleashed! members will gain:

  • Enhanced ability to unleash your potential, maximize your talent, and run boldly through your open gate. The result is you get to live in the lifestyle you desire.
  • Unleashing the fear that holds you back from taking risks and realizing rewards. The result is you enjoy a life free of stress and anxiety while achieving your dreams.
  • Provide you with a broader, more global perspective of your business. The result is you will maximize your ability to earn income and grow because your worldview has become an open gate!
  • Enhanced leadership skills as a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. The result is by being more skilled in communications and influence, you will unleash your employees to improve themselves and exponentially improve your business.
  • Enhanced thought leadership skills. The result is by being an object of interest; you will generate more opportunities where people seek you out, not the other way around.
  • Guidance in developing a personally tailored intellectual property game plan (includes publishing and speaking). The result is the more people see your work and value, the more people you will help run through their open gate, and the more personal reward you will achieve.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  1. We will uncover your gate(s) to run through. We will determine why you haven’t yet, and what activities and behaviors you need to change to do so. We will set up a game plan with your objectives; determine mileposts to stay on track; and commit to doing what it takes for you to quickly meet them.
  2. You will set objectives and the program will be unique to your specific needs and goals.
  3. Weekly phone calls to discuss issues, homework, strategy, tactics, etc. I will lead the calls to keep momentum, focus, and accountability. I will cajole, inspire, haunt, and dish out heaps of “tough love” to keep you on track.
  4. Unlimited access to me via email, phone, text, Skype in between calls.
  5. Mileposts set quarterly to monitor progress.
  6. Quarterly group meeting to share ideas, concepts, questions, challenges, etc. This will be done via a Google Hangout platform.
  7. Annual live one-day event as a group at a location to be determined. While this won’t be mandatory, I can tell you from my own personal experience it will be an exceptional experience and one not to be missed.
  8. Lifetime access to Alan Weiss’s community as a member of his mentor program. You will gain access to his Forums, mentor summit, etc. This is the most exclusive and incredible collection of world-class entrepreneurs and consultants in the world.  ($3,500 value)
  9. Exclusive newsletter for members only with compelling articles, audios, and videos not made available to the public.

The inaugural fee is $10,000, which will easily be recouped through increased revenue/income, increased discretionary time, and an enriched life. This fee will go up in 2015, but all who join this year will be grandfathered for as long as they participate.

If you prefer installments – you can go with 3 equal quarterly payments of $4,000.

Current coaching clients that are not already in Alan’s community – there is a one-time $2,000 fee. For those coaching clients already in Alan’s community, you will be automatically enrolled in Unleashed! at no cost for the remainder of your term!

This program isn’t for everyone. It requires dedication, commitment, and courage to run through this open gate. If you’re interested in learning more then contact me at [email protected] or (360) 271-1592 and we will discuss if this program is right for you. It will be exclusive to only 12 people per year.

Do you have what it takes to be that lead dog through the gate?

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