Captain Jack

Hello. My name is Captain Jack and I’m the terribly charming, witty, and intelligent pal of my human, Dan. I’ve been observing human behavior and have come to the conclusion that you all can learn a lot from dogs. Especially me. You see, I’m a Jack Russell and we are unquestionably the smartest dogs on the planet. Welcome to my column…

I hate the rain. I would much rather go for a walk, chase snakes, and bark at squirrels in the sun. Yes, I know I live in the Northwest, but that doesn’t change my point of view. Dan still makes me go out in the rain to do my duty. Yesterday, these huge raindrops started coming down right in the middle of my looking for a good spot. I wanted to go in and he wouldn’t let me. AND, he was the one wearing a raincoat! I was just still in my fur…

I ended up finding a good spot that was under some bushes and trees that allowed me to do my duty relatively dry. Sometimes you just need to be like a dog and show some ingenuity!

Humans often give up too easily. When it rains on their “duty” (things like career, family, losing weight, writing that book, challenges with co-workers, vacations, and endless other things), they become despondent, anxious, depressed, and then quit. All of us (even dogs) will face adversity. We will always find people who tell us we can’t. We will always run into roadblocks and unexpected crisis. Like raindrops in your life. Time to find a big bush and keep going.

Be like a dog. Never quit on your dreams. Always look for ways you “can,” instead of reasons you “can’t.” Dogs do it; so can you.

Just saying…

Captain Jack

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