We just this weekend celebrated my granddaughter’s 5th birthday.

I can’t even believe how fast time has passed.

I vividly remember the day she was born and then meeting her for the first time the next day (which is today!)

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to spend a great deal of time with her and her siblings who have arrived after here. They live nearby, we – and they – visit often, and we talk by video almost daily.

And it takes a significant birthday to catch you by surprise.

Although I feel like I’m in the moment and present all the time, it also feels like a bit of complacency has set in. Complacency around their availability to me. Complacency that every moment is the same. Complacency that nothing will ever change.

Until time passes and you wonder what the hell just happened.

I fear that it’s also too easy to become complacent in our businesses, careers, and lives. Days turn into weeks; weeks turn into months; months into years and before you know it, decades have passed.

We must guard against the human nature of becoming complacent because every day seems the same. How do we do that?

It’s a discipline and one that I can certainly improve on. I think it’s one key thing…

When feelings like boredom and laziness set in – and they always do and will – fight back in the urge and realize that you are here right now in this moment for the only time in your life.

It doesn’t have to be a big moment. Our lives are made up of a million small ones like watching a movie over popcorn with your partner, playing a video game to recharge your brain, or celebrating the joy of a child’s birthday.

It’s these daily opportunities to be aware of where we are, where it be good, bad, or mostly the in between.

The Buddha is attributed with the quote, “Whatever happens in the next breath, the next day, or the next year will be experienced by a different you, the future you.”

If we can even be a little better at this, we will overcome the peril of complacency in our business and life.

Keep chasing unleashed.

Quote of the Week:

“I believe that things cannot make themselves impossible.”

~ Stephen Hawking

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