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Note: This is Captain Jack. Dan got the last excerpt, so it’s my turn. I have an anecdote after each chapter in the book, so here’s your chance to read my wisdom. If you want to read the other 11 anecdotes, you need to buy the book. Go on…do it. BUY NOW and SAVE

Sirius Smoke

Dan smokes a cigar once a month. Barb makes him go out on the back deck so the smoke doesn’t stay in the house. She will normally join him out there, unless it’s really cold. I go with him regardless of the conditions. Why? There’s something about hanging out as guys and smelling the sweet smell of the cigar waft into the air that comforts me. That, and he will normally bring out a few things to nibble on and the chance of picking up crumbs is very high!

Dan smokes a cigar for pleasure and enjoyment. I chase my tail for the same reason. I’ve noted that many humans spend an inordinate amount of time being anxious, unhappy, troubled, and downright despondent. I have a theory.

Dan has picked up from me that life is supposed to be fun. Not everything that happens in life is fun, but the overall attitude about life should be. When you never allow yourself time to relax and recharge, you’re doomed for burn out. It’s like a cigar getting snuffed out before you even get to the band! That’s leaving money on the table if you ask me.

We dogs love rewards. Bella and I get treats when we do things well (or when Dan needs to get us out of a room). We love to rejuvenate with naps and television watching (at least, I do). Dan says you have to plan relaxation into your life, even schedule it. I don’t understand that, but hey, if it’s the only way humans can manage their priorities, so be it.

The fastest way to smother your flame (i.e., zest for life) is to stamp out the oxygen. When Dan finally finishes his cigar, he literally removes the oxygen. When humans (because you will never find dogs doing this) extinguish their inspiration, then they never achieve all that they could have. Take a cue from us dogs and my cigar-smoking pal, take some time out to reward, relax, and recharge, even if you have to force yourself to do it. That’s best way to keep the fire burning.

Just saying. . . .

Captain Jack


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