I recently responded to a an e-mail memo sent to me following a presentation I did for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce on presentation skills.  The gentleman writing was very kind and thanked me for the program.  As I was about to return my reply, I decided to see exactly what he did for a living.

I scanned his signature at the bottom of the page (you all use a signature, right) and noticed he worked with a wide variety of people and organizations that might be able to use my coaching.  In my reply, I simply asked if there was a chance I could be able to be of assistance.  His response?  Yes, he was intrigued and would like to discuss it more.

My lesson – always take a few extra seconds to read the fine print.  By taking the time to read his signature, I may have uncovered a business opportunity for both of us.  What business opportunities are you missing because you aren’t taking the time to be observant?


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