I was out last night walking both dogs. It was a cold, dark night (even though it was only 5:30), but it felt good to shake the cobwebs out and take a brisk walk. At the halfway point of our journey at the park, Bella stopped to deliver a package. As I stooped and scooped the package, I felt the second leash of the dual leash go limp. To my right, stood a now free Captain Jack. He had somehow done a Houdini out of his harness while Bella distracted me. I knew what was coming next.

I nicely beckoned Captain Jack, however that was his cue to start the chase game. I was still dressed in my slacks and dress shoes, and sporting an “I Heart New York” cap. Bella and I took off in chase after him, dragging his abandoned harness and carrying the poop bag.

There were numerous people out and about walking and by their homes. I yelled for help and they all did their best to coax Captain Jack to them. He knew the trap. He would bound at them and then away, heading towards the west side of the street that seems to house all the neighborhood dogs. He led Bella and me through backyards and lawns. I thought I had him once in a fenced yard, only to be foiled by a small opening that he slid through. Note – I’m still carrying the poop bag.

As Bella and I retreated back to the street side, I saw one of my helpers named Susan. I told her where Jack was coming out and I watched her gently go to the gate where the pirate dog was now waiting. She sweet-talked him into surrender and I now had my dog back. I was out of breath, disheveled, had an untied shoe (very dangerous according to every mother), and a bag of poop. I re-harnessed the fugitive and he and Bella dutifully walked home. I sensed no remorse.

I wish I had a moral for this harrowing story. I think my post today is for my sanity and your enjoyment. Maybe you can send comments on what message I can tie into this story that might relate to a speech, column, or article. You can always start off with the inattentive guardian of the dogs!

In the end, all’s well that eds well. We all got a little extra exercise and I got to meet the neighbors, although I can think of much easier ways to do both!

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