I’m not talking about your financial portfolio.

You have advisors that can certainly help you with this very important part of your life, but it’s not what I care about for you this week.

I often hear people complain that certain “costs” are too expensive. I’m talking about things like fitness trainers, organic food, therapists, coaches, and professional service providers.

In all of these cases -and the list in not all-inclusive – we are not really dealing with “costs,” but rather “investments” for your mind, health, and peace of mind. In other words, the return on investment will be there, yet often is overlooked due to the financial commitment.

Let’s look at five areas of “investment” focus: Leadership skills, Physical & Mental Health, Relationship Development, Legacy, and Life Balance. This week, we will explore the first three, with the balance next week.

Leadership: You don’t have to hold a “leadership” position with a company to have leadership responsibilities. You might be a parent, the adult child of aging parents, a mentor or coach, or even a single person that must act as the CEO of your life.

There is a plethora of podcasts, videos, books, and other resources from experts that are either free or almost free. I employ a professional coach to continually challenge and educate me.

What are you doing to boost your leadership growth?

Physical & Mental Health: Having a crappy performance in this portfolio can actually kill you. What you digest, exercise, and think all will either enhance your longevity or take a toll on your quality of life later.

Yes, there are free options to help enhance your knowledge. But when it comes to the right portfolio planning for your specific needs (age, gender, current situation, etc.) you need a real person who can help you the right way and hold you accountable. This means not only your physical strength and flexibility, but also your mindset and mindfulness.

What are you doing to boost your health balance?

Relationship Development: This is an area that can really take a nosedive if you’re not actively monitoring your accounts. The volatility of your personal and professional relationships can be more dramatic that the Dow Jones!

Relationships should bring you energy, not be an energy drain. You have most control on which one it is. While we can’t pick our family, we can manage personalities and how often we communicate with them. You can love someone, but not necessarily like being with them. On the ones who do bring you energy and joy, make sure you invest more time with them. On the others, pick your battles and manage your responses to reduce stress and anger.

Friends and colleagues are your choice. Often, these relationships must change if they don’t grow and develop with you. Don’t invest time in relationships that don’t grow the “stock value.” Invest time and resources on people and associations that you enjoy and will help you develop as a human.

What are you doing to protect your most valuable relationships?

Stay tuned next week for Legacy and Life Balance.

Note: I just started writing my new book. While I’m not ready to announce the title yet – that will come soon when the cover is done – my goal is to be ready for pre-sales by Thanksgiving. Email me at [email protected] to get first notice and opportunity to get your copy!

Quote of the Week:

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

~ John W. Gardner

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