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This week’s newsletter is dedicated to my friend. It’s a bit longer than normal. We will return to normal programming next Monday.


This afternoon (Friday, March 25th) at about 2:45 we said goodbye to our beloved Captain Jack. The picture below is the last one we took together.

He insisted on scribing his own obituary. It’s below.

We thank you in advance for your kind words of friendship and support. This has been a difficult couple days for us. We embrace that we had our time together and celebrate his life.

We want to thank Poulsbo Animal Clinic and Shine Mobile Veterinary Services for your care and compassion.


From Captain Jack in his own words…

And so it ends…

As a two-time book author, I demanded that I write my own obituary.

I have a lot to say…

Last week, I learned I had prostate cancer. Apparently it got into my intestines and that’s what made my normally voracious appetite, well, less voracious.

I knew things were bad when I was allowed to eat pancakes for dinner. All the rules were now thrown out. I was on the last hole of the last round.

Look, I’m a realist. I get it. I saw Charlie cross the Rainbow Bridge almost 13 years ago.

This is my Final Round. And I want to share my story.

I was rescued at the Kitsap Humane Society on July 1, 2008 at 13 months old. I came to live with Dan, Barb, Mindy, and Kelli. Charlie was the other dog and he became my mentor. Dude was chill and I learned a lot from him.

I escaped for the first time within three days. And Unleashed was born. More on that to come.

I lived in a house where someone was always home. Dan worked from home, so I had an office. I became the Chairman of the Board. When Barb stayed home to work, I had it made. Two offices to work from!

I lived in one neighborhood. The neighbors were my friends. Some have come and gone, but others have been here for a long time. Many of them even helped track me down a time or two after great escapes.

Not all dogs get an extended neighborhood family. Everyone always said hello to me and patted my back and scratched behind my ears . I loved my neighborhood homies.

I stopped counting at 12 escapes where I literally became unleashed, but there are three that stand out.

The first was when I escaped the very first time. Your first is always special. I had only been at my new home a few days and they were using a flimsy screen door outside the front door. Amateur move.

Dan was watching British Open golf on TV and I bolted out the front door when someone came in. Dan chased me. Another rookie move. I was a young pup and really fast on four-legs. I allowed him to chase me awhile until I let him catch me inside someone’s garage.

The second escape was when Dan was walking Bella and me on a dual leash. He didn’t realize I was a Houdini. While he was picking up Bella’s poop, I extricated myself out of my leash and took off.

You should have seen it. I was sprinting down the street with Bella and Dan chasing me, with him holding a bag of poop!

I made him slog through someone’s muddy back yard before I got caught by a neighbor when I was sneaking through the fence.

The third was my favorite. Barb is the smartest human and I bamboozled her. I made a clean break and headed to the other neighborhood to run around the pond. Forty-five minutes of sheer pleasure running unleashed.

She ended up catching me in the end after I let a couple other dogs distract me and got caught. She gave me a bath and that night I was very sore from running. But it was worth it.

I was and always will be the King of Unleashed.

My life was special.

I was called Captain Jack, Jackie, J-Man, Jackman Jones, Cappy, Big Man, Pal, Buddy,  Captain Jackie, and JACK!!!!

Officially I’m Captain Jack Sparrow Weedin.

I’ve been called precocious, stubborn, mischievous, and cunning. I’ve been called witty, clever, charming, sweet, and smart (although I think genius is better). I’ve been called handsome, cute, and even an icon (no kidding). And above all, I’ve been called best friend.

I loved to go to work, to watch TV, to open the bottom cupboard and get into the pancake mix, and to go to bed at 9:45, sprinting to get my spot on the bed.

I have Rotary friends who live in Switzerland, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Hungary, Nigeria, Finland, The Netherlands, Italy, Thailand, Germany, and Brazil.

I authored two books. I’m actually on a book cover!

My image has graced presentations in three different countries. People I never met know my name and ask about me.

I’ve got a registered trademark. Heck, I’ve got two logos based on me. I’m the logo! Dan says I will live forever because of what I’ve created.

I leave behind a lot that means everything to me. I want to say goodbye.

Barb, you are the kindest and most giving human I’ve ever known. You are smart and always knew how to get me to take medicines and when I was being naughty. You kept me honest. You loved me and took care of me. You were my human mother and my dear friend. I love you.

Kelli, you found me. It’s because of you that I lived the life I did. You always cared about me, loved me, played with me, and you showed up to say goodbye. We have a special bond. I love you.

Mindy, you always greeted me with, “Hi Handsome!” You were my big sister and always made me feel special. You were my friend and came to see me often even though I made you sneeze. You gave me my little humans and I’m forever grateful. I love you.

Paul and Justin, you came into my life later on. You were always nice to me and you take great care of my sisters. And I know you always will. I love you.

Ellie and Maddie, you were my little humans. I never knew babies until you. I was very worried that you might break, but you didn’t. You grew into little people and we had so much fun together. I’m so glad we had our time together. I will always remember our fun watching cartoons together.

Please tell your new sister and brother about all our adventures, so they will know about me. I love you both.

Bella, you were my best friend. My soulmate. I know you will miss me, but always remember our good times because we had so many. We were always together. You were my protector and partner in crime. We are forever linked in spirit. I love you.

Dan, it was real. We had a helluva ride together, man. We worked, we played, we chilled together. I think we are the same and that made our time special. Thanks for sharing my life. Keep telling stories about me. I love you.

Don’t mourn me too long. Celebrate that I lived life to the fullest. If we met, I hope you’ll remember our times together. If we didn’t meet, I hope you know that I was one lucky dog.

Dan told me that I will be with him and the rest of the family forever with the memories we shared. He said that’s what the Rainbow Bridge is. I guess I will see Charlie again and I can find many new places to discover, explore, and run.

I heard that Grandpa’s funeral day was March 25th so we share a special date together. I bet he will be over the Rainbow Bridge waiting to gently poke me with his cane like he used to enjoy doing.

So I’ve got that going for me.

My last meal was steak and ice cream. It was Maple Whiskey ice cream. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I had a great life. I had many friends. I loved unconditionally and was loved in return. What more could a dog ask for? I lived unleashed, one flap up and one flap down.

And now, I truly will be unleashed.

Captain Jack out…for the last time. Cheers.

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