Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Halloween has always been one of my favorite days. From my first recollection of dressing up as Captain America when I was about five or six years old, to donning my Captain Jack Sparrow garb to hand out candy to neighborhood trick or treaters, Halloween never ceases to add enjoyment and fun to a crisp October evening.

Being scared of things that go bump in the night has an exhilarating effect for many. That’s why horror movies dating back to Boris Karloff in the 1930’s have been very popular; why contemporary television series’ like Netflix’s Stranger Things collect avid followers; and why many adults still like turning their homes into haunted houses for Halloween parties and festivities. The main attraction is buoyed by the fact that nothing wicked this way comes. Movies and television shows aren’t real, nor are the worries of impending doom to anyone in a fright house. If they were real, we’d all be deathly afraid. That’s why it’s fun.

What is frightening are those monsters causing bumps in the night for your business or career. While you shouldn’t hide from them, you need to know they exist. In fact, I suggest you face them with as much daring as you do the Halloween villains. Here’s how:

In your career, stand up to the monsters named fear, worry, and tentativeness. They creep around in smart and talented people’s heads telling them that they aren’t good enough; they’ve run out of time; they will be find out; they’ve run out of money; and they will be humiliated. These fiends are grown within our own heads and like the furry little creatures that turn into Gremlins in the movie, are cultivated by the water we nourish them with. Kick those monsters out of your head by standing up to them when show up and boldly exclaiming the trick is on them.

In your business, identify not only to monsters that are apparent (fire, theft, natural disasters), but also identify those that never send a warning and show up on your front step knocking on the door. These include loss of reputation; a cyber attack; a toxic employee culture filed with drama and selfishness; lack of leadership; no transition planning; and poor pre-planning of critical organizational knowledge and risk. You also can stand up to these monsters with some pre-planning and guidance from experts and employees. Don’t let those things that go bump in the night knock you off course for future success and increased business wealth.

My best wishes for a wonderful HalloWeedin (at least that’s what we call it at my house). Be bold, vigilant, and prepared to securely traverse the monsters in our way.

Quote of the Week:

“Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.”

~ John Wayne

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