This week’s focus point…Thunder and Lightning
Dan Weedin Unleashed-40
Captain Jack hates thunder. Hates it with a purple passion. In fact, he believes it’s his duty to furiously bark at the thunder, in some attempt to make it suddenly stop. The thunder doesn’t care, and keeps on rolling.

Thunder is actually the sound caused by lightning. It’s the result of that bolt producing a rapid expansion of air leading to a similar reaction like a sonic boom. Without getting overly scientific, you can’t have thunder without lightning. I guess that means that Captain Jack has a bone to pick with lightning, too.

Are you creating thunder in your own career?

Just like thunder can’t be created without an opening electrostatic discharge commonly referred to as lightning, your career will either be resounding or indistinct based on the electricity you generate. I’ve found that far too many people fear causing lightning in their lives. It’s usually based around fear – fear of failure, fear of rejection, even fear of success. What would happen if you had no fear to manifest your own jolts of lightning? What if you planned and took action on risks and opportunities to see if you could eventually make some noise?

Bottom line – no lightning, no thunder up in the skies. For you, no electricity (passion and boldness), no noise (maximized success and significance of helping others) in your career. Life’s too short not to enjoy the majesty of a thunderstorm (although Jack might disagree). It’s also too short not to take all your talents and passions and initiate your own storm and make some noise.

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This week’s quote –

Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.

~ Stephen Sondheim

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