This past week, my question was: What’s your feeling for the next five months of 2020? I received three responses (better than none, right?!). Three of the four choices received a vote – ranging from hopeful to really concerned. I found it of interest that no one ventured into the top choice on the list, “Excited for the Opportunities.”

In every crisis, opportunity exists. To that point, often many opportunities exist. All too often, we miss them because we are so busy trying to deal with the crisis in front of us.

The United States of America has a lot going on now that can cause stress, anxiety, and fear of the future. We’ve got a global pandemic where we are clearly the lead dog in a race where we’d prefer to be in last place; we have issues related racial justice, diversity, and inclusion which has led to events ranging from peaceful protests to riots to federal agents taking to the streets against fellow Americans against the wishes of local government; we’ve got political campaigns being waged that are rife with personal attacks from the top positions in the country down to small city mayors; and we’ve got concerns that the social media platforms we all use to publish our own op-ed pieces might actually be influenced by other countries. Depressed yet?

While it is easy to become discouraged, I suggest that instead we find a way to focus on opportunity that might actually be hiding in plain sight. I’m currently working with a young entrepreneur who had started a business based on cooking and live events. In the current and future COVID world, that would seem to be disastrous. However, we’ve uncovered an opportunity to reach more people and create a membership-based platform that might be better than his previous wildest dreams. Stay tuned as I will introduce you to him in the near future!

Bottom line – be it business or personal – if we stop seeking opportunity in the midst of chaos, crisis, and uncertainty, we might miss THE biggest chance of our life. In our history, innovation, creation, and business revolutions (industrial, tech, etc.) have been borne out of crisis. What opportunity lays waiting for you to find it and move it forward? The first step is to realize it’s out there and to start looking.

I’m leaving the list up for another week to elicit some more votes to break the tie. Let’s see what you’ve got!

Be unleashed and be well.

Quote of the Day:

“Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom.”

~ Hannah Arendt (20th century German Historian)

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