As I’m want to do, I turned on Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago to watch the game. What I accidentally did was tun on ESPN 2 and found the Manning brothers – Peyton and Eli – sitting on sofas talking about the game in real time.

The two former quarterbacks – the former a Hall of Famer and the latter a two time Super Bowl champion – might as well have been sitting with me in my living room having a beer or libation talking about the game. No play by play; simply reacting in real-time just like we all do to what we see in front of us.

They were funny, entertaining, and brought on big name guests from around the NFL. I was captived and decided that this was how I would now watch Monday night games. I don’t need someone to tell me a running back carried the ball for three yards, or that I just saw an incomplete pass. I want to hear more about the game from the perspective of two legends. I want to hear their stories (almost all of them humorous). I want to experience the game in a new way.

I know this isn’t for everyone.

There are fans that need to know what just happened. They want to know the nuances of plays and actions. That need the traditional play-by-play analysis.

The brilliance of what ESPN did was to give us options. They created a way for both a novice and a lifelong viewer to watch the game in a way that is most entertaining for them.

We should all be doing this on our own businesses.

If you only have one way of offering your services, you’re in danger of becoming stale. And like bread, stale is a distressing situation.

We now live in a world of options. When Monday Night Football was in its formative years as a product, there were three networks. Cable TV was not around and even the ability to record games was non-existent. In order to continue to be viable, Monday Night Football would need to increase its ability to reach and keep more fans.

How are you reaching and keeping more “fans?”

Part of risk strategy and leadership is the process of assuring both the retention and acquisition of new clients. That means staying current with changing technology; creating new and innovative ways to do business; and efficaciously communicating on platforms to reach all potential customers and clients.

Bottom line: Spend time invested in innovation and creating more options for your target market. That effort is most likely to yield more touchdowns for your future.

Quote of the Week:

“The good old days weren’t always so good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”

~ That rest American philosopher, Billy Joel

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