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This weekend, Barb and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. When you count up the 4 1/2 years we dated starting in high school, we’ve been together almost 32 years. This clearly shows that I’m the epitome of smart by “marrying up,” and she is the definition of saint for having found the inner fortitude for putting up with me for so long. I think my warranty is up, so she is now stuck with me…

I think our greatest success is far more impressive than being married for nearly three decades. We agree that raising two daughters into remarkable young adults has been our most notable and important accomplishment. For those of you that have raised children in any era, you know that there are many challenges when it came to communications, motivation, and influence especially in those teenage years. We have been fortunate, yet know that it was a combined effort on our part to keep them moving in the right direction.

In working with companies, I often see where there are mixed messages emanating from leadership. It’s the equivalent of having parents tell you two different things. The results in business are poor morale, lack of productivity, confusion, internal strife, and eventual increased turnover. Whenever there is more than one voice that sets the culture and guidelines in any organization (including non-profits and boards), then it had better be the same message.

Leading isn’t so much about being the person in charge. Sometimes anyone can insinuate themselves into a position of authority. Leadership is always about consistency in message and influence.That’s the key to success and sustainability.

(P.S. In marriage and parenting, it’s often best just to say, “Whatever your mother said is also my position,” whether you know the position or not. Then, just nod a lot…)

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This week’s quote –

Men always want to be a woman’s first love. Women like to be a man’s last romance¬†“

~ Oscar Wilde

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