14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001This week’s focus point…Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Many of you reading this have heard me speak about how people react differently when a plane is delayed as an example of social styles. Well, I now have a real story to share…

Last week, I was set to fly off to New York City for a business meeting. I was catching an evening flight to arrive in New York early to prepare for a noon meeting the next day. After getting through security, my flight kept getting delayed due to bad weather in New York. Finally, after finishing my glass of wine at the sports bar next door, I was surprised to see a large gathering near the lone Jet Blue gate attendant. Fifteen seconds later, she made the unpopular announcement that the flight had been canceled; that she was the only person at the gate and couldn’t service everyone; and to return to the ticket area outside of security to get re-booked. Instantly, she was besieged by angry and frustrated patrons. Me? I took off lickety split to the ticket area. These people were barking up the wrong tree just like Captain Jack would do after the squirrel he was howling at jumped trees. My decision put me near the front of the line at the ticket counter. Eventually, they couldn’t help me and I postponed my trip. My decision to not “bark” with the others ended up getting me back home sooner.

How many times do we as humans spend an in inordinate amount of time “barking up the wrong tree?” Think about times where you might have complained to a person that couldn’t help you; sought advice from someone not experienced to guide you; or tried to sell your product or services to someone not able to write a check, but able to say “no?”

Time is a limited resource. Don’t waste your time barking at squirrels that have scurried to another tree. Base decisions that impact your time on results and those direct lines to your results. Otherwise, you end up at the end of a long line or standing pathetically under the wrong tree.


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This week’s quote – 

 An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise.”

~ Victor Hugo

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