I fondly and vividly remember shopping for records at the local record stores in Oak Harbor, WA in the 1970s. I recall the days when cassettes were just getting started as the “next big thing,” and I was still buying albums. While I had my favorite artists, I was also affected by the creativity and art of the album cover – or “jacket” as it was called. Artists invested a lot of time and money on creating that cover because they knew that it had an effect on their brand and reputation. I still remember Journey having some of my favorite album covers at the time.

While I still would have purchased an album from my favorite artists regardless of the cover, it did make a difference. Even more so today, I will buy a bottle of wine sometimes solely on what I think of the label. I freely admit that a creative, interesting, and fun label will cause me to invest in a bottle and then I will make a decision on the contents later. For me – and I know this to be true of all wines and spirits – labels have a significant effect on revenue.

I remember reading Walter Isaacon’s biography of Steve Jobs. Jobs was over the top persnickety on packaging. Where Microsoft could care less about how the computer or tablet arrived to customers, Jobs believed it was essential to branding and client evangelism. Ultimately, the packaging was respecting the client.

How does your packaging look?

Are you as fastidious about how your company image is shown on your website, social media, packaging, and other forms of branding? How often do you keep it current, creative, and entertaining? Are you focused on delivering your value to current and potential clients in a way that makes them stop and take interest.

For those who know you, they will likely continue to buy from you anyway, just like I did with my albums. However, your brand will cement their interest in your work and keep them coming back for more. Some prospective clients will be shoppers; just like looking for wine, they will be compelled to learn more based on how your “label” looks.

I encourage you during this time of transition in business to remember to keep your branding at the top of your strategy for growth. It is after all, how you get noticed and ultimately grow forever clients and evangelists.

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Be unleashed and be well.

Quote of the Day:

Laughter is the closest distance between two people.

~ Victor Borge

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