This is in the category of the “You never know what can happen” in your business.

The local news led off with a story about an assisted living facility in a small rural area north of Seattle having a shooting on site. It seems that a facility manager got in an argument with an 86-year old resident. The elderly man went back to his room, got a gun and went and shot the manager in the stomach. It appears that the manager, who was immediately rushed to the hospital, will survive. The 86-year old is in jail. A tragic story for all involved.

This blog post has nothing to do about gun control, the response by the staff, mental health, or elderly care. It solely is a study that you can never know what unbelievable event can occur at your business. Who could imagine an 86-year old man going back to his room after an argument to get a gun and shoot his adversary? That only happens with inner city gangs, right? Wrong.

Have you trained your employees to be prepared for any event that could suspend operations, involve a 911 emergency call, or damage the company reputation? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. However, the company you keep is dangerous to your health. Not being prepared to deal with a crisis will cost your business huge revenues, loads of stress and anxiety, bad media coverage, and reduced morale. I estimate that even a minor crisis will cost the average small business $75,000 in hidden costs. That means even if you have insurance, this comes straight out of your pocket! It pays to be prepared…

I have an upcoming webinar to help small businesses anticipate, prevent, and be prepared to respond to crisis. It’s a small investment to make to arm your business with the strategy and techniques it needs to avoid a crisis and respond when one does occur. The webinar will be recorded so even if you can’t make it live, you will gain the benefit of the tools.

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