You’ve seen it.

Maybe you’ve even done it.

Intentionally or unintentionally.

No idea what I’m talking about?


How many times have you wandered over your Facebook timeline and seen that a friend has posted a meme or quote that leaves you scratching your head?

You know the one. It seems like there is a meaning but you’ve been left out of the conversation. These can come in the form of a request for help, a political viewpoint, an assertive retort, or even just trying to be funny.

The problem is, there are likely only a few people who will understand the context, leaving all the rest either frustrated, flummoxed, or concerned.

Context is everything.

You most often see these posts in Facebook because Instagram requires pictures and LinkedIn doesn’t usually devolve into it. What got my attention recently was seeing one of these where one of the first comments was, “Context, please.” Good for that person!

The reality is that it’s not just on Facebook or other social media platforms where we mess up context. It happens daily in our personal and personal lives. While these situations may not be as passive aggressive as the social media posts, they will cause as much trouble.

Too often, employees are given instructions, new procedures, or demands without knowing the context. Why is it important to the company? How does it benefit customers and clients? What’s it mean for me? Without context, even well-intentioned projects and initiatives will be dismissed or mocked.

Have you ever witnessed an important project, sales presentation, or request for assistance fail because context was lacking?

In order for context to be sufficient, leaders need to follow the principle of WIIFM. “What’s in it for me” refers to someone OTHER than them – employees, clients, customers, business partners, vendors, and community. The message for how the company or organization is better needs the be crystal clear. People are more apt to respond favorably if they understand the end game, even if they might not totally agree with it.

Let’s be clear, contact is not the King, its the Ace when it comes to communication and leadership.

Keep Chasing Unleashed.

Quote of the Week:

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

~ Carl Jung


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