As my mentor Patricia Fripp always says, “Life is a series of sales situations”.  How right she is!

Most of the time, you have to give a “presentation” off a question, situation, or mishap that you weren’t expecting.  Are you prepared to do that with confidence?  What happens if you can’t?  Want to learn how?

Below, you will see a video from last Tuesday where I competed in my Toastmasters Club Table Topics competition.  For you non-Toasties, this is an opportunity to speak for 2 minutes to a question that you don’t know is coming.  It’s a great way to simulate business situations.  As you watch the video, I’ve included three strategies I use.  You may find these valuable.

By the way, let’s get one thing out of the way.  This is NOT a professional video shoot!  Yes, it’s dark; I’m not always centered; the lighting is terrible; and oh yes, the video bag is in the way at the start.  Now go find the keys to helping you learn how to speak better off the cuff!