If you’ve ever watched Tiger Woods play golf, you know you’re looking at arguably the greatest golfer of all time. He unquestionably fits that title for this generation at least. Even if you’re not a golfer, you are certainly aware of his dominance in his profession. This past weekend, he picked up his 13th career major victory at the PGA Championship in Tulsa, OK; moving him ever closer to Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major wins.

So what can we learn from Tiger? No, I’m not talking about his thunderous drives or his precision putting. We can however learn something about work ethic, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence.

Tiger Woods has been called a “phenom” by many. However, his phenomenal play really comes from an endless regimen that strengthens his mind, body, and skills. The mental focus he brings to his game is really what sets him apart from his competitors. Think about this weekend. After 72 holes in temperatures that soured to over 100 degrees each day, he won a tournament by a mere 2 strokes. Two strokes over 72 holes isn’t a lot by numbers, but it’s that little “extra” that Tiger brings from the mental side that puts him over the top time and time again. His ability to focus on the task at hand, without being distracted about what happened in the past, or what will happen in the future, has made him the most dominant athlete in sports since Michael Jordan.

Do you bring that type of focus to your “game”?

Consider each sales call, Toastmaster speech, or presentation to a group your own PGA Championship. Have you prepared mentally for anything that can happen? Have you practiced your materials so well that you can fall out of bed at 2AM and be able to recite it? Is your focus on the “now” or are you distracted by failures in the past?

Take a real playing lesson from Tiger Woods. In golf, the course is actually just 5 inches long. That’s about the distance between our ears. In our world, our playing field is the same. Remember that being prepared both mentally and physically for your “major” will help you become the Tiger Woods of your profession. Hit it straight!


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