As a consultant, I end up referring a lot of business to insurance agents because the client doesn’t really need my help. They might be simply looking for a new agent and they want to do it on their own. That’s fine and I am happy to give names of agents that I believe can provide good service. Often, I give the client several names and have them do the work. I never accept fees or commissions from agents. I just want an agent that will do a good job.

It never ceases to amaze me how seldom I get a thank you from those agents. Like I said, I don’t want money or gifts because I won’t accept them. A simple card or even at the least an e-mail acknowledgment would be nice. I do take that into account when I refer later.

The concept of saying thank you applies to all business. It’s not that difficult. Get a referral from someone and send a thank you card or note. Make it “real” versus electronic and it ups the ante. You end up becoming remembered and will ultimately get more referrals. The funny thing is if I (who have the ability to offer hot leads) don’t get thank you notes, I’m betting that other people referring don’t either. In fact, that agent probably isn’t even asking clients for referrals. Too bad. There’s a lot of business being left on the table from poor referral management.

Don’t be one of those business professionals who overlook the obvious. Say thank you for referrals.

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