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He’s the insurance “go to guy” with loads of sports metaphors; she’s the poet emphasizing empathy. They couldn’t possibly be more different, but Libby and Dan have a few things in common: improving their clients’ conditions and helping leaders and entrepreneurs make the most of their business lives by paying attention to what matters most. Looking to maximize your talents and enrich your life in 2014? Of course you are….keep reading!

Nationally recognized executive coaches Libby Wagner & Dan Weedin reprise their work together on this podcast series aimed at helping business leaders and executives thrive professionally and personally. In this inaugural episode, Libby and Dan will be discussing, debating, and answering questions about how to get a lightning fast start in 2014, while deepening your commitment and engagement in your lives.

The inaugural podcast is called, Right-foot Forward, and will focus on goals and strategies for taking off in 2014.  Since the podcast isn’t being aired live, they need your help. Send them your questions regarding how to maximize your goal setting and strategy work for 2014 to [email protected] (or to their new social media sites) and they will answer them on the podcast. The podcast will be made available to the public for free shortly after it’s recorded on December 17th. All your questions will become crystal clear!

Bottom line – get your best questions in now. Libby and Dan are prepared to offer answers and solutions (although they are likely to use different methods) to assure you getting all you can out of the upcoming year.

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Both Libby and Dan are Master Mentors for the Alan Weiss Global Consulting Community and inductees of the Million Dollar Consulting™ Hall of Fame.



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