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Captain Jack and me watching Duck Dynasty

Captain Jack and me watching Duck Dynasty

Objects of Interest     

Okay…I like Duck Dynasty. The A&E television reality show has hooked me. I’ve only fed and cooked ducks; never shot them. Their dogs fetch game; mine only play games usually at my expense. How could a television show about a bunch of guys in W. Monroe, LA making duck calls become such a national phenomenon?

Easy. These guys have charisma. They are funny. Sometimes they border on stupid. They look different. We love to be entertained and they are entertainers. They are undoubtedly the only reality show that ends each episode praying together. And, they found a niche.

What’s your niche? How do you express it? Do people find you an object of interest in your business? I’m not saying you have to go out and grow ZZ Top style beards (especially if your a woman), and act crazy. What I am saying is you need to find a way to become that object of interest through your passion, your charisma, your credibility, and your competence. These Duck Men capitalized on their unique ability to make what seems to be THE best duck call around; their zaniness; and their love of family and managed to turn it into a TV show that thumped American Idol ratings.

So what are you waiting for? Happy, happy, happy…

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This week’s quote –
“When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to do it quickly.”
– Jase Robertson – Duck Dynasty


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