Tough Love.

I watched the finale of The Next Food Network Star last night and I was struck again by a real-life business and personal lesson. Food Network Senior Vice-President, General Manager and Judge for the show, Bob Tuschman said something very important for all of us. He said the challenge of the show is to try and turn a person into a star in only 11 weeks. He pointed out that star mentors Bobby Flay, Giada DeLaurentis, and Alton Brown had taken years to cultivate their craft and get where they are. In order to do it in just 11 weeks, mentors needed to dish out real tough love.

Are you given tough love?

In my relationship with my personal mentor, Alan Weiss, I have and still get tough love. In fact, Alan may be the master! His theory is this. In order to accelerate the growing process; the results process; and the success process, you simply don’t have time to beat around the bush. It takes tough love to move and change behavior quickly. Those that can take it and change, thrive. Those that can’t, well…they don’t.

Who gives you tough love in your professional and personal life? You must have someone you trust, respect, and are willing to believe and make changes. Everyone needs someone like that, but often as we get older, we eschew that tough love and become defensive. Those that are willing to be humble and vulnerable, while retaining tremendous self-confidence will go on to great heights. Are you one of those people?

This week’s quote – “He who comes first, eats first.

– Eike von Repkow – 1220

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