I just returned from a two-day boot camp in Las Vegas on Storytelling. Darren LaCroix and Craig Valentine (right) – two World Champions of Public Speaking – were our instructors and what a great camp it was. Regardless of what kind of presenting you do, you will find that telling stories will better connect you with your audience, deliver your message, and impact the lives of those who hear you. If you are in sales, stories will illustrate your product or service. If you are a CEO, stories will humanize you to your employees. Patricia Fripp says, “Life is a series of sales situations”. Regardless of what kind of “presentations” you make, stories will anchor your message and make you memorable.

P.S. If you want to learn about the Champs boot camps, go to http://www.worldchampionspeakers.com/. Craig Valentine has a great home-study system for storytelling on his web site at http://www.craigvalentine.com/.