I just came back from teaching a one-day continuing education session for insurance agents.  The topic is Commercial Property Insurance for about 6 hours and then they are tested.  As part of the program, they fill out an evaluation form on the class and me.  This is a course set through a local association that runs it for a national society for insurance education.  In other words, it’s their evaluation form.

I’ve always wished that instead of grading me on a scale from 1 through 10, that I’d be able to know how many participants actually passed the class.  To me, that is the best criteria for this particular situation.  Yes, they will take some information back to their workplace with them.  Half of them are personal lines agents and may never touch commercial insurance again.  But to be able to help them to pass the exam is my biggest goal for them.  Darren LaCroix always taught me, “What do you want your audience to think, say, or do after they walk out?”  In this case, I want them to pass.

Do you teach your audiences?  regardelss of your presentation or subject, you have the attention (let’s hope) of the audience for a certain period of time.  What do you want them to think say or do when they leave?  What value do you give to them?

These are questions you must ask yourself as a business presenter before every presentation – whether its a sales presentation or an investor meeting.  What is the output your audience will take away from you?



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