I spoke to a group of business leaders yesterday on the topic of value propositions. I recently wrote an article in the Kitsap Business Journal encouraging you to dump your elevator speech and take the stairs with a powerful value proposition. One of the best ways to get ideas to create a terrific value propositions is with using testimonials.

Ask your best clients why they use your services, what values they realized, and what they would tell others about you. It’s often difficult to think up your own value, but when you use the words of others, it provides you with two things:

  1. Great ideas on key words, phrases, and sound bytes to your value. You may even learn that you are giving value that you didn’t know about!
  2. It’s always best to use the words of others to describe your value. It carries more weight with prospects.

Ask your clients why they like working with you to help you develop a killer value proposition. Then go out and find people and business to help!

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