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January 7th at 9:00-10:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern

Join me for this powerful, live, FREE webinar on creating and delivering dynamic webinars to boost your business.

Webinars are quickly becoming an extremely popular way to extend workshops, trainings, seminars, and other learning opportunities worldwide. They are inexpensive to run; offer audio and video platforms; can be recorded; and can be used as intellectual property later. The upsides are great, with two major downsides.

Competence and Time Investment.

Many “live” presentations suffer because the slide presentations are tedious, clumsy, and dull. The same can be said for poorly planned webinars. Instead of people falling asleep, if your presentation is bad, they just disconnect.

Many potentially excellent webinars never get presented because of concern over the time investment and effort. The presenter is hamstrung by the burden of what to put in; what to leave out; how long should it be; and how to promote it.

My newest program will remove both these issues for you. The Webinar Webinar is a 60-minute program that will help you:
• Quickly and easily create dynamic webinars that provide tremendous value for your target market.
• Learn tactics to engage with your audience to create an interactive and vibrant session.
• Learn how to create memorable slides instead of ones riddles with bullet points.
• Create strategies to promoting your webinar.
• Convert webinar attendees into new clients.

This webinar is LIVE, will only air once, and no replays for the public will be made available.

Even though it’s free, you must register. This link will take you to the Go To Webinar page. Simply fill out the registration (3-5 seconds max) and you will receive a confirmation.

There is no cost to attend. This free event might just change how you market your business forever. What do you have to lose other than new clients?

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