2008 Varsity Speaking Academy Team PictureWhen was the last time you spent a day and a half working on your presentation skills and finding ways to earn more money through your knowledge?  For the nine members of my Varsity Speaking Academy, it was just this past week. 

Regardless of your vocation or career, you have intellectual property that is going to be valuable for someone else.  Intellectual property is your knowledge, experience, resources, and strategies that you’ve either lived or created.  What impact can you have on others?

During the Academy, these fine folks were able to brainstorm ideas and help each other to focus on what value they can provide to others in their different fields of business or life.  There was an exhilarating feeling of being able to not only learn what you can do, but to help others achieve their dreams.

It’s way too early to start thinking about 2009 “resolutions” so just start now.  Find opportunities to increase your development as a professional.  Keep an eye out over the next month for my upcoming educational sessions.  You will be glad you joined!

Participantsof our 2008 Varsity Speaking Academy are: (Back row) Lawrence Garrett Jr., Maureen Lander, Meg Collier, Todd Herzog, Laurenzo Thomas, Mindy Byers, and Doug Petch.  (Front row) Taliesha Garrett, Brenda Prowse, Dan Weedin, and Roger Zabinski

A fine looking group if I do say so myself…



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