Yesterday morning I took part in a terrific webinar on the “Discipline of Wisdom, ” by Alan Weiss. This webinar was free to all his mentor community. Alan spent an hour with us discussing techniques to improve discipline, reduce procrastination, control our time, and enhance life balance. The webinar was recorded and available for his community to listen to again later.

One technique I walked away with was making sure I have three professional and three personal priorities each day. I started yesterday with that technique and it was beneficial in focusing my attention on those 6 items. They each were completed and I have a new set today. That one technique by itself was a huge return on my investment of the one hour.

This is one example of the tremendous value received by being part of a global community like this. I dare say there is no other entrepreneurial community as powerful. I have been a member at some level since I started my practice in 2005, and now have been a very active member since 2008. In March, I became accredited as a Master Mentor in this community, so my mentees gain the same value by being automatically entered as a lifetime member.

If you want to learn more about how this community can dramatically expand your business and enhance your life, contact me. I am happy to share my experiences with you. You can also learn more by checking out these two sites:

Professional and personal development and growth are key to living the lifestyle that you desire. When you are part of such an extraordinary community as Alan Weiss’s, you  develop and grow faster. I’m thrilled to be able to help my mentees in their journey.

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